After Effects not finding my images?

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Dec 05, 2019 Dec 05, 2019

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Okay so I've tried almost everything I can think of to fix this with no dice. I'm trying to import a png sequence into After Effects, easy peasy, except AE will flash up that old TV screen error it gives you when it can't find an image. Weirdly enough, I've tried seperating the images it can't find from the others in the sequence into a different sequence and it loads them just fine - well except for this ONE image. It also does it thing where it acts like it's buffering - it'll be the image you get when AE can't find the file and then it'll load the image, but that's the thing, sometimes it just doesn't load the image. I'm really at a loss here. I've tried re-importing the sequence, I've tried reuploading the actual files (AE uploads them just fine by themselves btw), and I've tried using a different version of AE. I really just don't get what's happening because I've done this same process for a different set of images I exported exactly the same way and had no issues creating a png sequence with them. Anyone got any ideas?

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