batch renaming folders (not the files within they all remain the same)

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Jan 07, 2021 Jan 07, 2021

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Was looking forward to bulk renaming some photography and video folders, but unfortunately the app does not seem to recognize the folders.

(note I did go into the settings and select the pictures option for the type of folder)


I have numerous Photo and Video folders that I want to rename

Main example (to help me differentiate between iPhone photos and my digital camera photos

My digital camera photos are designated 2020 01 15 (year month day no hyphens)

My iPhone digital photos are designated 2020-01-15 (year month day with hyphens)

This was done so I wouldn’t mistakenly overwrite opposing folders.


I currently have a significant amount of folders that will have to be renamed to either delete the hyphens (and maintain the spaces) or to add the hyphens in lieu of the spaces.

This maybe outside the parameters of whats possible from within Adobe?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciatted.

Thanks Ron







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