Can not synchronize any file bigger than 10 mb

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Mar 24, 2018 Mar 24, 2018

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I have been struggling with Creative Cloud Files synchronizing for 3 weeks .

  I was wondering to scale up to 1To, but without any solution to my issue, for sure i will prefer OneDrive or other Cloud Storage solutions.

  I only had 1,7 Go to synchronize from my desktop to my CC.

It was very , very, ... long for all the files lower than 10mb, but, nevertheless, at the end  it worked .

   Then, for the last 8 files which are between 10mb and 140mb, I am still waiting and waiting...

However, in having a look on my network flows, I see a lot of mbs that are migrating from my adress to your adress ( located in Amazon Web Services,  Am I wrong ?).

  Is it a limitation ?

  A trouble with consistency check of such " not so big " files ?

  A trouble due to my  Firewall ( Avast ) that would work with OneDrive's flows but not with  CC's  ones ?

  Of course feel free, to propose  any other kind of solutions that may make me happy  .

Thank you

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