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Apr 20, 2020 Apr 20, 2020

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I used CC last year on a personal license with few problems.  Our school board got a centralized group account this year and I switched over to it and constantly got connection to Adobe server errors.  It was such a headache that I purchased another year of personal account, but it too now seems to be a constant connection headache.  I've gone to great lengths to make CC work as I attempt to use it to teach from home, and I'm near the end of my rope.

I've spent the better part of 3 hours watching Adobe support people not able to fix it despite doing all sorts of system setting gymnastics.  I've not only reinstalled CC (multiple times on desktop and laptop) but also even fresh installed Windows 10 on both machines.

I'm occassionally able to get it installed and it connects up, I can see my account in CC and launch apps without issue.  Last night I was able to run CC and launch Lightroom - this morning CC comes up looking like it's fine but then Lightroom launches and doesn't connect properly and allow me to edit photos.  Nothing changed, Lightroom just suddenly doesn't work.

I teach computer engineering and have 30 years of experience (and a pile of certs) in IT, so assume the obvious has been done.  Don't suggest I install it and uninstall it - I've been playing that (along with the cleaning tool) for two weeks now.

If anyone has any ideas why CC is randomly connecting (more often not) then please offer me some tagetted solutions.  If I can't get this to work in the next week I'm pulling the plug on the account as Adobe can't provide the service.  The laptop is an MSI Apache Pro ge72.

I just signed out of CC and back in (it took 10 minutes to log back in, but it eventually did), and opened Lightroom to discover it isn't 'signed in' - is that normal?  How many times do I have to sign in to use this 'productivity' software?  Signing in on Lightroom I'm now watching another spinner for 10 minutes and just got 

We can’t verify your subscription status.
We can’t reach the Adobe servers

I can appreciate how difficult it is to run complex software on a constantly updating operating system, but everything else works and the internet is otherwise fine - except for this expensive non-functional CC license.

This is frustrating.

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