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Aug 27, 2014 Aug 27, 2014

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I have noticed that there is a great difference in color display between a PDF and .ai/eps files. When viewed in the browser there seems to be no ICC taking affect for PDF files even though options to include the profiles, etc in output were selected. This makes it hard to use as a tool when showing clients proofs via the browser as they will never see proper color. I know color will vary between monitors but the difference is huge for some colors. Like a dark almost Navy Blue appearing like a vibrant pen ink blue. On a Mac when you use the quick spacebar preview the correct color shows for all versions of file type but in the browsers it shows the color incorrectly. Have tried this so far on the Mac in in Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Even Google Drive can display all the file types correctly with correct color although the way it shows eps files is a bit off. That I don't mind as I rarely save eps files anymore.

Is there something I am missing or is this a defect in the browser display?

The other possible option would be to flip my thinking and save everything as .ai files with PDF compatibility turned on and then have to tell clients that they should be able to open that ai file in Acrobat. At the moment I save everything as PDF files with Illustrator compatibility turned on.

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