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Jun 19, 2020 Jun 19, 2020

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Creative Cloud desktop app is taking FOREVER to process less than 1000 files (totallying maybe 250MB). It'll say it's syncing a reasonable number of files at a reasonable rate counting up to, say, 80 or 120 or so (depends on the instance), then it will lag for 30 minutes and finally error out with the familiar red "Failed to sync some files" and with no specific error code. (And no indication of what file caused the hangup.)


This has now been going on for days.


I have tried several things;

  1. uninstalling and reinstalling Creative Cloud Desktop App.
  2. Using the CCDA cleaner tool
  3. Deleting and replacing the files in the desktop folder.
  4. uploading files to the web-based assets>synced files page.
  5. sending the files on a CD-Rom to Adobe HQ via carrier pigeons
  6. voicing audio analog modem tones to Adobe HQ via two tin cans and a string.


Nothing works.


I used the Log Collection Utility and uploaded the file:


Meanwhile, I checked one of the logs and copied a fairly common error occurance here:



2020-06-19T05:57:46.763211Z: t=3044: Warning: dcx.SyncRepository: dcx-cpp v4.12.1 Unable to retrieve modification date for path C:\Users\doug\Creative Cloud Files\brand-T Clients\# TSHIRT ARTWORK DESIGNS\200 Tshirt Designs\PNG and JPG\Outdoor Adventure 1. Error: Error with domain: AdobePlatformErrorDomain
win32 error: 5
Ignoring snapshot update notification. (syncrepositorybase.cpp.logModifiedDateError.566)
2020-06-19T05:57:46.763279Z: t=3044: Info: dcx.SynchronizingRepository: dcx-cpp v4.12.1 reportDeviceChange returning nullptr. Error: Error with domain: AdobeDCXErrorDomain
description: Failed to determine the file size
error code: 4
underlying error: [
Error with domain: AdobePlatformErrorDomain
win32 error: 5
] (synchronizingrepository.cpp.operator ().222)



Help me, Adobe One Kenobi, you're my only hope.







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