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May 13, 2020 May 13, 2020

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Hello. I just recently broke down and moved from my old creative suite to subscription upgrade. Here's the problem. Whenever I am working on a photoshop file (also noticed  in InDesign), the system starts saving a numbered version of the files. Basically, I work on a regular .psd file and save periodically as I go and it accumulates a series of numbered copies in the original folder such as filename 1.psd, filename 2.psd, filename 3.psd, etc. instead of simply saving over the old version. I'm using iCloud. I am thinking maybe the document shifting from local hosting to iCloud while I am working on it and Photoshop is not then able to sync with it. Assuming I am diagnosing correctly, where is the setting to allow my apps to sync documents properly with iCloud? Thanks!

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