Creative Cloud Files: totally confused...! Sync 'restored' move and delete actions?!

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Jun 30, 2020 Jun 30, 2020

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Yesterday I decided to use the Creative Cloud Files option so I can also work on my document from home. So at work, on my Mac, I created a few folders in the Creative Cloud Files folder, copied documents in them, and so on. I also moved a few folders and deleted a few later on. Everything was synced perfectly: whenever I looked at the Creative Cloud Web page everything was there and in the right folders.


When I came home I started my home I started my Windows PC and sure enough everything was synced unto my home computer! Nice! So all seemed to work perfectly! At home I only opened a few files to check things but I didn't move or delete any folders.


The next day I came at work, started my computer... and to my horror the Creative Cloud Files folder was a total mess because ALL folders that I had moved around or deleted were suddenly ALSO there at there original location...! So now I have various duplicates of folders in various location and I have to figure out which folders contain the most recent files... It's a mess!!!


So I am totally confused now... How is it possible the file and folder deletions where sort of undone, leaving my with multiple copies of everything everywhere...?

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