Creative Cloud Services Running at 99% CPU with all apps closed (mac Big Sur)

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Feb 05, 2021 Feb 05, 2021

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Does anyone else have this? I'm running a 2019 i7 MBP, updated to Big Sur - with Adobe audition installed. Every time I restart my computer, within a short amount of time my fans start ramping up and do not shut off. When I check Activity monitor, I see Creative Cloud services are running multiple background processes and at 99% CPU. I do not have Audition open, Creative cloud is off, and 'Disable at Start' is checked. Nothing from Adobe is open, yet these tasks are running and doing something in the background.


Is this a bug? Why are these tasks doing this? the only way to stop them is to force quit the process in Activity Monitor.


I have reinstalled Cloud and Audition several times to no avail and I have to assets  in the cloud. The only reason the cloud in installed is because it's needed to run audition.


At one point it was 'Adobe Dolby' process running ay 99%, then it switched to 'Adobe Core Services'.

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