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Jan 20, 2015 Jan 20, 2015

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I am about the closest thing to an IT administrator we have at a  small newspaper that has recently transitioned to Creative Cloud for our production and file sync. While much of our experience has been good we have had some weird problems that make it fairly hard to rely on the file syncing feature of CC. Primarily, recently adobe issued an update to Creative Cloud (Which they do a lot!) that required us to update before it would work again. The notification for this update came in as an icon blip in the menu bar on our mac systems and the system tray (which hides most icons) on the Windows system. As a result only one of our artist updated right away, and the rest ignored/didn't see it. The problem was file syncing stopped working until the clients updated. The end result was that people's artwork wasn't syncing and about a whole days worth of work was delayed until someone figured out that things were breaking and alerted me. So my complaint/suggestion is this:

If you issue an update:

  1. Allow the old versions to keep working until the update is installed.
  2. If the update is important enough to require updating, notify at least the CC Team Administrators in an obvious way (email is a great way, since you already don't mind emailing us about other stuff)

Also why you are at it if you could ad a "Sync Now" button that would be appreciated.

It is a little frustrating to be chewed out over something  that you were not aware of over the weekend. Especially since CC is marketed as the backbone of the Adobe system. I know that many of our artist should have paid attention to the icons, but their job is to design their work and get on with it not to be system administrators. They can't all be verifying updates and checking if CC is working all the time. Especially since a traditional server set up wouldn't have this issue (though the cost of setting it up is obnoxious).

To the community: Have any of you experienced and issue like this before? If so how is the best way to solve this issue in the future. Do I just need to insist that everyone always checks for updates? The problem is compounded by the fact that I am part-time/freelance and thus can't babysit many of our artist.

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