Easily Move Your Files From Computer to Adobe Cloud

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Jun 27, 2014

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Woah - Ok so sometimes it's the simplest answer we overlook -- HOW TO MOVE YOUR FILES FROM COMPUTER TO ADOBE CLOUD -- EASILY (for windows users - You mac users can probably deduce your own method from this) This method moves files with their folders intact - so you don't have to organize them again in the cloud.

1 - Start menu

2 - Go to Computer - OS ( C:)  - Users  - "Your Name"

3 - You should see here - the folders you need - Creative Cloud Files - and also - My Docs, My Pics, etc -- The app will not allow this task - windows will

4 - Select (single click - no need to open the folder) and Right click on the source folder - (Pics, docs)

5 - Select copy

6 - Select (single click - no need to open the folder) and Right click on Creative Cloud Files

7 - Select Paste This will transfer all files in that library to the Adobe Cloud folder and allow them to be synced to the cloud

Hopefully this will save some folks the Head - desks it caused me.

Let me know if this works for you.

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