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Nov 21, 2016 Nov 21, 2016

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I work on a team and, lately, files have been disappearing from our Creative Cloud. None of them are files we would intentionally delete and there's getting to be too many for it to be just an accident. We've tried uninstalling Dropbox (we heard sometimes if it's running on the computer that could cause something similar). My boss was chatting with Adobe (and still is trying to figure out a solution) and they gave us a long series of steps that basically involves making sure there's nothing remotely connected to Adobe running, restarting, and then logging back-in. For a bit the problems topped. Today, it returned worse than ever. Several folders (and consequently months of work) were moved to the trash without anyone touching them. When I was in the process of dragging them out of the trash to restore them, I saw a file in the drive disappear. One moment it was there. The next, without me even selecting it or running my cursor over it, it was gone. Any ideas how to fix this?

Update: Since neither Adobe nor anyone on my team can figure out why this is happening, we've dropped Creative Cloud so this is no longer a problem. Leaving this up here just in case anyone else is having the same problem or an answer turns up.

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