Files in the cloud dont show latest version?

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Oct 20, 2017 Oct 20, 2017

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Since the new cloud web layout my files don't update when i save (and overwrite) the existing pdf. So clients and colleagues download the old version when the file has been updated. Whe need this fixed asap!!! While at it, change back to the previous layout where previews were actually readable. And no, we are not going to remove our coresync bla-bla.

Nothing wrong with our network or internet connection (fibre)

Thanks in advance for your response!

And i have to say this for anyone who is thinking about subscribing to Adobe CC:

Since the cloud version Adobe software really is a pain in the a**. We're a printing company that have to manage a lot of files for customers. We use our Adobe software every hour of the day. But all the updates are not meant for printing functionality. After every update the workspaces changes and have to search for commonly used functions, we have to 'save as' all our files again, sometimes comes with incredible bugs (like deleting all your stored files in the cloud), not syncing well: a lot of dublicates and deleted files, incredible childish layouts (Acrobat DC!!). Deleting software (acrobat XI + all plugins), deleting Distiller and the option to PRINT to PDF with it. Slow software, 100% cpu load on 1 of 4 cores.

And when you call support, you get an indian-english talking guy (we pay a DUTCH subscription fee, which is HIGHER than the english fees)... Who recommended to delete all our files from the cloud and then copy them back because cloud storage was not syncing right... Still comming across duplicates now or missing files that never synced back (errors errors errors while syncing) .... come on Adobe..

Never had all of these problems when using the Creative Suite versions. Updates on those actually fixxed things...

Also really strange we are forced to pay for the cloud storage which is crap compared to others. We actually dont want to have it, nor want to pay for it!

I think this should be reviewed by the same institution that fined Microsoft for forcing us to use mediaplayer when buying their software.

But yeah, here we are... forced to pay for crap, useless updates and a useless customer support. But it all doesn't really matter right, cause we allready payed for a year and its not like there is any way going back..

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