How to download from the cloud without accidentally deleting files

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Jun 11, 2021 Jun 11, 2021

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It seems in the last few months, my work Creative Cloud got stuck sync'ing somewhere. I found out about it recently and fixed the issue and set it to run overnight so it could catch up. Turns out it treated the files on my computer as newer and started overwriting projects that were in progress or finished, even though my files were weeks or months older than those it was overwriting. We were lucky enough to have backups, but I need to get my computer sync'd up so this doesn't happen again.


I just want to clear my folders and let it sync up to what's on the cloud, but I'm worried that if I just go in and delete the files Creative Cloud will think it needs to delete everything in the cloud which will really mess things up.


Is there a way to ensure that Creative Cloud will only download new files, not upload changes from my computer for a little while?

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