I want that Creative Cloud folder out of my file browser right now

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May 21, 2016 May 21, 2016

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I would like the actual name or names of the members of adobe responsible for the creative cloud folder being inserted into my file browser window. I believe getting (back to) personal is the only way we can combat the consequences of doing business impersonally with these global corporations who aren't and in some ways can't be empathetic or understanding of the needs of their users they've never met. I guarantee, and i think we all know, that all it would take to prevent something like this if we lived in a small local community.... is a single look...a look that says, hey, my life isn't going well, im hit road bump after road bump the last couple of years and if you F with me even one single bit, your nose is going to be flattened quicker than you can say "money-sapping selfish ignorant parasite", in fact, please give me a reason douche.

Surprised? Does this surprise you? We live in a society where 40,000 people commit suicide every year in America alone. Millions world wide and 200,000 attempt per year in America. It was 32,000, then jumped to 38,000 shortly after the 2008 recession according to the Seattle Times which shows how important money and security are. This is important, well, if you care about this stuff, but it all relates to this because those people who choose to commit suicide are JUST the portion of unhappy people so unhappy they choose to kill themselves, but there are some many more people who are miserable, but not so much to commit suicide. Might i suggest to Abode decision makers that it is quite important to maintain a certain level of ease of use of your software because it is actually quite important for some people that instead of spending of the money on, lets say maybe a fine aggregate walkway that took 100 man hours to make per sq/ft, or a "vacation car", or other things like this i hear about, you put that money instead into making your software not a pain in the ass to use, or in this, i pain in the heart/mind.

Like when YOU people at adobe, with your CC software (not photoshop itself) are draining the F out of my laptop battery in the background, as i see sometimes despite me having not used it for months and sitting in my car without power, perhaps thats not the best plan, in our society full of vulnerable, unhappy people some of whom had Chud the drug dealer as neighbors, not little Jimmy the stamp collector if you get my meaning. Perhaps not the best plan, being a drain on peoples existences for profit? Offering as little as possible? Taking advantage of their need to get a jobs in our technical society where their choices are limited, where people have been led to your doorstep by the forces of life?

I encourage everyone who reads this to try and always keep in mind that the justification of the bigger parts of our inequality we have in our societies is utter bull-S. Some people would simply prefer to take as much and give as little back as they possibly can, simply taking advantage of our surplus of labor humanity has always had due to our continually rising population, driving down the cost of labor (your wages), following the laws of supply and demand, whether by will or ignorance, and take as much as possible for themselves and increasing and exacerbating  inequality.. Its done often in the name of "capitalism", when they don't realize this is just a word...the outcomes....they still matter. What you do still matters... Some people, like myself, would work for years on programs they release for free. Lets try and get the aholes out of the equation get help get the ones who actually care make the decisions, choosing to put more effort and time (money) into their products.

Any of you people at adobe brave enough to put your goofy names down here so we can try and cast you the F out of software dev and decision making in general? Are you willing to have a record of your selfish actions follow you for the rest of your lives?

Or how about you put a fing option to place the stupid F adobe folder into our file browsers and putting a little more effort into your products.

Ah the things i type when i am waiting for a large file transfer to complete...

File sync







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