Unable to use recently downloaded fonts, CC sync issue and connection problems.

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Oct 11, 2013

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Today was especially interesting.

CC would say it could not connect and to retry connection, when I clicked retry connection is would fail, over, and over - I waited 15+ minutes for it to finally connect only to tell me "Coming Soon: CC will deliver fonts from Typekit to your desktop"? https://www.dropbox.com/s/5yci79zv3opmx12/CCForgotFonts.jpg < WHAT!? So now I had to search the Adobe forum to figure out why... More wasted time.

Solution: LOGOUT from CC pref and log back in, then click the resync button tucked down at the bottom corner... No Auto-sync? No notification that my syncing was not enabled; Really?

Shouldn't it be a little more intellegent, maybe remember that I just downloaded these fonts and to perhaps give me 30 days before asking me to login to verify If I still had an active CC account in order to use the fonts? This is starting to wear thin.

Everyday I have to make sure I login to CC because if I don't I may not have a function or font. Then there is the licensing I have to accept each time because I logged out; each time!

(I have deleted folders and reinstalled CC to 'fix' this, only to have it stop working after a day or two, even on a local administrator account and domain admin account)

I'm just thankful I do not travel anymore because I couldn't with CC. I would have to install CS6 in order not to worry, that should say something about this new Adobe model.

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