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Dec 04, 2014 Dec 04, 2014

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Hey, I was wondering why the file size quota for uploading files is 5 GBs. The reason for me asking this is because other file sharing sites like Mediafire and Google Drive doesn't have a quota like this one. I get requests from clients to upload final export quality products and it seems Mediafire throttles their DL speeds in order to keep a stable site with the amount of accounts being used at once there and my Google Drive account is full. I was thinking of using CC's file sharing service since I am guessing the DL speeds are at a reasonable speed. But, I can't use it for certain scenarios like this one since the product is about 9 GBs. Again, it's this size because it's an hour long and the client wants a near perfect output to review for imperfections.

Is this because the service is relatively new compared to sites like Mediafire and Google Drive which have been around for years? Or is it that currently there aren't as many storage mainframes to provide to all the customers?

Again, this is just out of curiosity and if the staff doesn't want to answer, this is fine.

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