When did the 5gig limit go into effect?

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Sep 25, 2017 Sep 25, 2017

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I have been using the CC file cloud for years and have never had an issue uploading large files. I deal with 4K video for the most part, so it is actually rare for me to have a deliverable less than 5gig. In fact I have completely maxed out my storage several times over the years with just one file. Recently with the latest update to the sharing feature of the cloud storage I have had issues with the client being able to download from the links provided. I am currently working with support to try and get it fixed and hopefully it works out, but another issue has arisen as I attempted to upload a 6gig file and it all of a sudden says that it is too large. The irony is that it was a file that had been previously on the cloud. A support rep did send over a link to the help manual saying there is a 5gig limit, but have never had an issue.

Does anyone else have any experience using the cloud with larger files? I'm curious to hear if there are others that have been able to upload files larger than 5gig over the years. The only thing I can think of is that maybe my account was living in a loophole that was fixed during the update. Unfortunately this makes the usability of the service very limited and I will likely have to move to another file sharing service which is a shame as I have recommended it to several other production houses across the globe. In fact as recently as August I delivered a 10gig plus file to the UK and they were impressed with the ease of use. With that being said I think it is odd that I have been able to upload large files since it's inception and now it no longer works.

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