Why does the Creative Cloud slow down my MacBook Pro 2019 16"??!?

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Jul 19, 2020

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I don't get it, everytime I install Adobe Creative Cloud, my mac begins to slow down at random times, boot times are attrotcious and best of all, in order to get rid of the cloud modules and other crap, I had to do a clean re-install of Catalina. I thought my Gaming PC had which ran Windows LTSC was a bit slower with Creative Cloud installed (Both on Brand-New NVME 1TB), this is a joke compared to window's performance impact. It almost makes my MacBook Pro unusable as soon as it installs on the NVME...


I used Photoshop and Premiere all the time, but ever since I tried it on MAC OS, it has ran like absolute crap, as soon as I uninstall adobe everything is fine, I don't get random CPU spikes 20-30% usage out of nowhere, despite the fact that I have turned off cloud-sync and all other telemetry that might want to update creative cloud for me, why can't I just download Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere on their own without more bloatware.


Is this being looked into? Because its been going on for years and i'm not the only exhibiting these artifacts and keylogger/malware like behaviour, apologise for the rant, but its disgusting what happens when adobe is installed on any sort of X OS machine running Catalina.


Thank You,

Krzysztof T.

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