Your CC client (mac) get's stuck syncing (always sync icon but nothing syncing)? Temp solution!

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Dec 03, 2014 Dec 03, 2014

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I've been having some troubles lately with my CC client on Mac (using Yosemite + Macbook Pro 15 Retina), all under latest versions.

So, suddenly one day I was working and I figured out that my CC taskbar icon displayed always the blue arrows from syncing... I did looked into it and it didn't said "syncing X of X files..." but just "syncing" and nothing happened on both local or website cloud folders... I was starting to be angry when I saw it never ended for few days, and I thought it may be also consuming resources as it seems to be sending/receiving data constantly, but it's not doing anything really, new files won't sync by just placing them at the folder... it got completely cracked.

After looking into few posts, and having a depth look into requirements and file limits and overall, saw my files weren't the issue as they're well named and all of them under the file size limit, because I use Extract a lot and it has a layer limit as well...

Those steps helped solving the issue:

- Do a backup of your most recent files (web or local, in my case was local folder, so I just copied content in another folder outside CC folder).

- Once done, open CC client, go to the settings menu, and choose "preferences".

- Go to "files" tab and deactivate file syncing. Icon will stop displaying the blue arrows.

- Now go to your CC local folder and remove everything inside, same on website and important, remove all files definitely. Otherwise they will end up in your "Archived" folder.

- Once everything removed from both local and app cloud (and insist, definitely!, you should see nothing on any category on the website), activate syncing under "files" tab again.

- Nothing should happen as there are no files to sync on both ways (Local - Cloud), that's fine.

- Now, copy again all your content from your backup folder to your CC folder.

- Blue arrows will appear again, but you can see now it's really syncing files and not just doing anything as before. Let it upload everything again (may take it's time depending on the whole size).

- After every file is synced back again, you should see all files on both local and browser again and it should sync properly again, so it should stop once a file has been uploaded/replaced.

Keep in mind there's an issue on this solution, if you had created public links before, you should create them again as we removed everything completely before. It's a mess, but it's worth it rather than having your app not syncing at all.


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