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Digital Edition is terrible: Why don't you integrate it into Acrobat?????

New Here ,
May 11, 2024 May 11, 2024

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TLDR: Adobe should integrate it into Acrobat because both are PDF viewers or make it scroll smoothly at least in maintaining the app.
I would like to make a suggestion rather than a complaint: This software is unusable and terrible!
The other day, I downloaded some .ascm files and got the PDFs of books from my library site to borrow and read books. I opened a book that has 900+ pages (PDF, 36MB) and noticed it was deadly slow/wobbly to scroll. Yes, the app had not finished loading the book but your other similar PDF viewer, Acrobat can load faster, and even if the loading is not finished, it can scroll smoothly. Also, I tested 30MB and 50MB PDFs on Acrobat, it worked great, with no raggy scroll and a fast read. Then, why don't you integrate it into Acrobat? You just migrate the PDF downloading functionality based on the .ascm file from Adobe Content Server and make Acrobat render the .epub files. How easy is that for Adobe's development capabilities, but Adobe never fix it because Adobe does not care about this application. Here's one more thing fix the pong sound that occurs when scrolling too fast
M2 MacBookAir 16GB
Digital Edition v4.5.12.85






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