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Please!!! Help me save my account, it is IMPORTANT with me!!!

New Here ,
Dec 08, 2023 Dec 08, 2023

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Hello! On November 10th, I received an email from Adobe that read:


"Please update your Adobe password.

Dear Adobe Account Holder,


Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to being proactive when we detect events that might put your personal data at risk. To help protect your information, we have reset the password for the account associated with your Adobe ID that may have been compromised in data breaches from other online services. The next time you log into your Adobe account, you will be prompted with a password reset notice. If you have questions, please review our guidelines on Adobe.com for changing or resetting your password. Or, you can contact us.


In general, we recommend that you use different credentials on each website. You should take this opportunity to change your password on any websites where you used the same username or password as your Adobe ID. You can also enable Adobe’s two-factor authentication for your account to strengthen your account security. For more information on setting up two-factor authentication, please review our guidelines on Adobe.com.


Adobe Customer Care"

Then I did as I said in the mail. I went to the adobe.com and logged in to update the password, but when I entered my email address (phamhoaibao04@gmail.com) in the request box and clicked 'Continue' then shortly afterwards I received this message instead of the user interface to enter the usual password:


"Update your Adobe password


To help protect your Adobe account, we have reset your password. To verify your identity and set a new password, please click "Continue" below."

And I clicked 'Continue', the next interface appeared with the message:


"Confirm your phone number

Enter the last 4 digits of your phone number ending in -40."

Since I've been changing phone numbers for years and currently can't get codes using this phone number, I 'Choose a different method to verify' and chose a verification method by getting a code to an email that still works and I'm still using it every day.

After selecting the email verification method, the next interface appears with the content:


"Verify your identity

To confirm your identity we'll send you a verification code to phamhoaibao04@gmail.com, b•••••7@g•••••l.com"

And I clicked 'Continue', the verification code entry interface appeared. I entered the code sent to my email as 317330 and a green message appeared below saying 'Verification successful' but nothing followed after that. There wasn't any interface for me to update my password, it all stopped at 'Verification successful'.

I tried and got the code to my email a total of 20 times over days, I even tried on my phone but things still haven't changed, nothing positive happened.





... ???

I contacted Adobe at the website and Facebook. At the site, it was just a robot and it didn't understand what I was saying. At Facebook, I was lucky enough to meet people who didn't seem to understand my problem on purpose and only superficially helped without regard for the outcome. A bunch of idiots!!!






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