WORST PRODUCT EVER // Adobe Digital Editions (Version 4.5)

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Nov 18, 2021 Nov 18, 2021

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I am not one to complain about anything in life, let alone doing it in a public setting/platform, BUT THIS PRODUCT IS SO BAD THAT I FIND THE NEED TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS. I tried updating and/or re-installing it a couple of times (even though I already had the latest version in the first place) and nothing seemed to help.


I cannot understand how all other products of Adobe work so well, then you get this crap? I am a full time law student that makes use of apple products. THIS PRODUCT/APP DOES NOT WORK ON MY PHONE OR MY LAPTOP. I have the books downloaded, which is super cool and all, but then making use of the app is the most tedious and stress-filled part of my studies. 


When I want to scroll down the page, it takes years to move, and once it does move, it freezes. I need to force quit the app once every 10-30 minutes because of how long just "buffers". When I force quit the app and go in afterwards where I finsished, it doesn't even save the parts that I highlighted. I know this has nothing to do with the hardware of the computer OR my phone because I made sure to get products that will last me. 


I am all for the software developing over time, where the developers need to address bugs and so on... but a company of this size should NEVER make apps available to the public if it does not work properly. 


I love the idea of going paperless, in general the priciple is amazing, but after my experience with this product of adobe... I am not so sure.. This app/product needs a lot more work. An Ebook on the ADE platform was not worth the stress and hassles it gave me.


After this semester is over, I will not be making use of it "ADE" any time soon. 

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