ADE 4.5.10 not working for me

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Aug 07, 2019

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Hi. I am using a new Macbook Pro, Mojave 10.14.6. I have ADE 4.5.10 installed. I can see my library books on the bookshelf, but when I click on them I get the following error message in a window labelled "Computer Authorization":

Activation Server error - code E_ADEPT_INTERNAL. Digital Editions encounter an error on the activation server. To retry, click the Try Again button.

I click "Try Again" and go in circles. I have tried de-authorizaing the computer, but that doesn't work; it doesn't accept the password. But I know the password is correct because I use a password manager and that same password is what I use to sign in successfully to the adobe website and every other adobe app I have.

I've tried downloading ADE 2.0 as a workaround (this worked for me the last time I set up a new computer and the newest ADE did not work) but when I install it, it disappears so that is not an option here. In any case, with the next OS, 2.0 won't work appoarently so I really need to make 4.5.10 work.

Can somebody please help?

Thank you.







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