ADE only sees borrowed books on Nook, not purchased books from B&N

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Dec 12, 2017 Dec 12, 2017

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Been using my old Nook / OverDrive / ADE / B& / etc. for years and it's been fine.  I think.

I am running ADE 4.5.7 on Windows 10 with an old Nook.

WORKS:  borrowing books from library (OverDrive), reading them on the computer, transferring them to my Nook, reading them on the Nook.  Yay!

Also WORKS:  buying e-books at B&, reading online at B&N, transferring to Nook, reading on the Nook.  Yay!

What DOESN'T WORK:  When I click on my Nook in ADE, it only shows the books I've borrowed from the library.  It will not show the books that I've purchased (and are on my Nook).  What I'd like to do is move some of these purchased books off my Nook and copy them to my computer via ADE and still retain them in my library.

I'm not sure if this just stopped working when I upgraded from 4.5.3 to 4.5.7, or if I just noticed it, or if this is functionality that I'm not supposed to have?  Anyone have any thoughts on whether I should be able to see my purchased books in ADE?  (I would think so, but......)









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