Adobe Digital Editions 4.5.6: Where to find this version for download?

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Feb 20, 2018

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In search of the older version 4.5.6 of Adobe Digital Editions, but it cannot be found.

Is it still somewhere out there?

Why do I want to get it?

The AD 4.5.7 version just causes troubles. It crashes almost every time when I work with it: downloading an e-book, deleting an e-book, copying an e-book to my e-book reader, or just when I stare on the monitor.

Also, it looses the authentication every now and then. I lent an e-book from my library, want to download it. After the usual crash I copy the e-book to the reader. And it cannot be opened, because I've no right to do it. So I delete the e-book, restart the computer after the ADE crash, delete the authentication, restart the computer after the second crash, delete the authentication once again, re-authenticate again, download the e-book once again. Sometimes it works. So I add another e-book. All is well. At last, this is what I hope.

After a few days the authentication is gone, ADE crashes again and I have to delete, restart, and re-authenticate again.

I think the last few weeks I've authenticated about 10 times.







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