Adobe id issue - can't assess book purchased

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Mar 13, 2019

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I downloaded adobe app (I think without authorising an adobe id) added 2 books. Then later I purchased a new book. the new book would not add. I needed to reinstall the adobe app and then authorise with my adobe id, I then added the new book. as a result the old 2 books is no longer accessible and will not open. the books is still under my user file on my laptop, but I can't add them to my library on the adobe digital editions app. it gives me an error message.

The supplier Lexis Nexis says I need to restore the books and sort this out with adobe, but it gives me an error and they wont send me a new link for the book (so I can just add it). this is a big problem for me as I need to use these books and now they no longer work.

Is there anyone that can help me?

Please I beg you to help me. I'm not that technology smart and I really don't understand how this can happen as I should have access to the books. The whole point of purchasing ebooks is to have access to them so that you can keep the books and refer back to them when needed.

Looking forward to your reply!!







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