Annotations Fail to Open with Epub file

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Jan 07, 2018 Jan 07, 2018

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I have been trying to use Adobe Digital Editions to read an EPUB book I bought through Google Play Books on my Windows 10 PC. The major problem I have been having is with highlighting. I made highlights in a book yesterday, and reopened the book again today, but the book does not show the highlights. I did find the Annotations folder, and in the Annotations folder there is an .annot file with the same file name. I opened the annot file with a text reader, and my highlights are in the file. I just don't know why Adobe Digital Editions does not open the highlights in the annot file when I open the epub file it should be associated with.

One problem I have noticed is that even though I open my file, I am unable to highlight. I know that if I want to highlight I can press "Copy to Library." Then it will make a copy of the file, and allow me to highlight. The new file will show as the same name with "- copy" at the end. When I opened the file yesterday and made highlights, I had to do this to make highlights. The "- copy" file, of course, is already in the ADE Library. When I click on it, it opens, but there are no highlights. As I am also unable to highlight, I believe to highlight I would need to press "Copy to Library" again, even though I know I originally opened the file from the library.

Similar issues have been happening since I started trying using highlights a week or two ago. When I open a file in the ADE Library, why doesn't ADE recognize the file is in the Library and associate it with the proper annot file? Please let me know how to resolve this problem. Thank you.








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