Bizarre high-contrast black and white pictures in PDF bought from Google Play Books

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Feb 06, 2019

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I correctly bought from Google Play Books a text full of images. I downloaded the .acsm and opened it with ADE (latest version on Mac).

When I open the .acsm with ADE (and this is the only option I have, since it has DRM protection), it then downloads the full PDF; problem is that I can see the text but all the images seem to be in high contrast black and white. Being the PDF a radiology textbook, this issue makes the book completely unusable.

I contacted Google, tried all the steps they told me to do (like de-authorizing, removing and re-installing ADE, re-authorizing, etc), but still nothing.

Google told me that it has to be with Adobe and to contact you for assistance: this forum seems to be my only option (searching through the forum I found only another user having my same issue with a textbook full of graphs, and he hadn't have any useful response).

Can you help me? Because I need this textbook to work as soon as possible.

If you can't and this problem can't be solved, Google told me they will proceed with reimbursement.

Thanks in advance.







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