Book Covers on NOOK SimpleTouch not displayed?

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May 19, 2018

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I am new to Digital Editions and how I to transfer my library from my computer to my device.

I am sorry but I will have to give a bit of history before I can explain my problem. I have a NOOK SimpleTouch Glowlight, which originally was supported in the UK by Barnes and Noble, and I have to say worked rather brilliantly. However, B&N decided to pull out of the UK market and since then I have been trying to find a good way to buy and install Ebooks on my device. I used Calibre as a way of organising and transferring any Ebooks I purchased and it seemed to work very well. However I recently started purchasing from which has a great list of titles and a reasonable prices. These are easy to buy and download But They have to be opened via Adobe Digital Editions. That is fine as Adobe Digital Editions seems to work as easily as Calibe.

My only problem is the the book covers do not download to the NOOK, they download to the Digital Editions Library on my computer (a desktop running windows 10 pro with the April 2018 update) but all I get on the NOOK is the generic image of a book. I have searched the forum and see that this has been a problem in the past but I do not see any answer to the question. Has it been solved or do I have to just accept I will not be able to see the covers on my Device?

Any help/advice or insight is greatly appreciated,

Many thanks








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