Can´t find my old ebook in my recent recovered account

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Dec 04, 2018

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A couple of years ago, i purchased an ebook from a webstore.  I downloaded it and get it to my new Adobe Digital Editions account. Sync it in my laptop and mobile.  I stopped use it for a while, change laptops, mobiles and everyhing.  Today, I am purchasing another two ebooks from the same webstore.  Recovered my old ADE account, download all my ebooks from the webstore (the old one and the two new ones) and try to get those to my library.  My problem is that I have no problem with the new ones, but can´t load the old e book.  When I try to load it to my library I have this message error:

"No se puede descargar

Error al obtener licencia. Problema de comunicación con el servidor de licencias:


Translated is something like this:

Cannot download it

Error getting license.  Comunication problem with license server:


So, I tried login with all another e mails i got (thinking that may be I loaded the old ebook with a different login credentials)  HAve no reset e mail.  But the most annoying thing, is that I actually have the ebook file, since I can get it from my ebook webstore account (they keep it safe for me).  But when I tried to load it, get the error message.

Please help, is a very expensive ebook from my property, and I am pretty sure I didn´t use any other ID credentials when I first get it







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