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Dec 14, 2018

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     I have a problem about the Adobe ID and authorization when using the ADE.


     I reset my PC (win10 edu) weeks ago. And when I wanted to read the ebooks purchased from google books, the ADE asked me to log in with my Adobe ID again.  However,  I registered this ID years ago and had forgotten the password.

     Then I sent the request to reset password but failed to receive any message from my e-mail box. All of a sudden I realized that when I registered this ID years ago, it seems that I didn't confirm the relation between the email address and the ID.

     Then I deleted all the files and ADE. I want to download all these again and try a new Adobe ID. When I pulled the acsm files  into the ADE, a new error happened: E_GOOGLE_DEVICE_LIMIT.

      SO what  should I do? Can I get my old account back?







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