Cant reset password of old Adobe ID because my emailadress does no longer exist

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Dec 19, 2017 Dec 19, 2017

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The helpdesk sent me to these forums to resolve this issue.

Let me explain the issue:

I bought a new ereader to replace my old one and logically I want to transfer my old books to my new ereader. This requires access to my adobe account which i made years ago, which i cant access anymore for this reason. I know which emailadress i used, but i cant remember the password. I cant reset my password cause the emailadress is so old that it doesnt exist anymore.

So now it seems that I cant transfer my books to my new ereader. So either I never sell my old ereader (i can still read the books on my old ereader) or throw away all books i purchased and repurchase them which would make this the most expensive ereader ever.

Is it possible to link those books i bought to my new adobe ID without having access to the old ID?

I have created a new Adobe Digital ID. When i want to use my new ID in my old ereader it warns me that i wont be able to open my purchased books anymore, so that seems like a thing to avoid.

How do i regain access to my old ID when i no longer have that emailadress?

Is anyone able to help me?

Much appreciated in advance







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