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Mar 27, 2018 Mar 27, 2018

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This is an odd issue that I am having with a few users but not everyone. When they originally save certain word docs as .docx then try to to convert them to .pdf for posting the converter fails to create the pdf in Adobe DC Pro, in save as a .pdf, or print as a .pdf. If we try renaming the doc to something else as a .docx it still doesn't work. However, if we take that same document and save as a word 97 - 2003 .doc file it will convert without any issues. Now this is only happening with a few users and not everyone if they send the same .docx file to me I can convert it without any issues or the need to save it as a .doc but if I save it on my computer, rename, and send it back to them they still cannot convert it as a .docx file. Its one of the most random issues that I have run into with converting to .pdf and I would really like to know if there is a fix aside from saving as a .doc. Everyone is running the same version of Adobe DC Pro and using the same version of Office 2016. The only difference between the systems are that some are using Win 10 and others Win 7 which shouldn't make a difference since I am using both and can convert on both O/S.








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