Digital Editions doesn't react at all and can't be closed / uninstalled

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Jan 15, 2018

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So I'm starting to freak out since I have no idea what the f I'm supposed to do and am not able to contact Adobe directly.

I tried to download a book I bought - which makes me even angrier since I spent 10 bucks on a book I needed the following day and now do I not only not have the ebook available but even worse my macbook is f'ed up.

After / while downloading the book the App just stopped working and freezed. For the last week I now had the Digital Editions App opened. There are two windows - one showing the progress of the book download (seems to be at 100%) and the other one my library. I can't click on anything within the application. I tried to force it to close but that ain't working - so how about shutting down my laptop? Nope. Doesn't allow me to shut down or to restart my laptop unless all apps are closed. So I tried uninstalling it. Doesn't work since the App is still opened.

So tell me, wtf am I supposed to do?? This free application basically f'ed up my 2000$ Laptop that I rely on every single day for school (am handicapped and can't write). I have no technical knowledge besides the standard stuff.

Does anyone have any advice or any ideas? Anyone from Adobe I could contact? I'm about to freak out.

System currently running: macOS High Sierra 10.13.2

I'd be very thankful for your help!







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