Disgruntled with ADE - Got a refund and ordered paperback instead

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Sep 06, 2018

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I am extremely disappointed by this software. I purchased an e-book requiring that I use ADE and authorized my computer to download it, then I went to authorize another device with the same Adobe ID, but received the following error message: "You can only authorize this computer with an Adobe ID that hasn't been previously used to authorize any other computer or mobile devices. Please try again"

This being the case, how am I supposed to view my purchase on 6 other devices like I am supposed to be able to do? Create a separate user ID for each device I want to download it to? If so, how can I then transfer my purchases between devices?

Plus, Adobe offers no support for this free software (at least not via chat or over the phone). Thus, after being on the phone with the vendor, removing it from my library, being issued another link to download the purchase, de-authorizing my computer, re-authorizing it again, downloading the new link to ADE on my computer, signing out, and trying to re-authorize my other computer to view it, I still get the same error message.

I'm done! I got a refund and asked them to send me a paperback version instead, even though it cost me $31 more.

I will never purchase any other books or materials requiring this software again, and I will make sure to warn all my family and friends.







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