Does Adobe Digital Editions make changes to the contents of the pdf file when downloading it by acsm?

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Jan 11, 2019

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Hello, I have a purchased book from "Google books". When I read online, everything is fine, but when I put the “PDF download”, I get the “acsm” file and open it in Adobe Digital Editions, I see errors in the text as if it happened with inaccurate recognition, but as far as I understand this drm PDF The file is already rasterized. So the question arose: Adobe Digital Editions already receives a broken rasterized PDF or receives it as a text PDF and itself rasterizes, while errors appear in the fonts.

P.S. I contacted Google, they said that they checked my case and problem in Adobe Digital Editions, and offered to contact Adobe. Those. still seems to fail with fonts on the side of Adobe Digital Editions. I attach screenshots, the title shows the difference. How to solve this problem?Chrome.jpgAdobe Digital Editions.jpg







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