Download Problems with ADE 4.5.7

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Mar 18, 2018

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Dear all,

about 10 days ago I purchased two new ebooks. When I wanted to download the ebooks AED started automatically and gave me a note to update to ADE 4.5.7 (up to then I used ADE 4.5.6). I updated to ADE 4.5.7.

After this I once again started the download of one of these ebooks. ADE 4.5.7 opened a window with the covers of ym former books. But except for a rotating circle nothing else happened - not even an error message will be displayed.

Whatever I tried - nothing helped:

- waiting for hours

- cancelling ADE and open again

- kill all Adobe related processes with Task Manager and start ADE again

- reboot of PC

- deinstallation and re-installation of ADE

- I even contacted the store: They cancelled the order so I could re-purchase and download again - but still the same

Amazingly the following things work:

- I can read the new ebooks in the PC with TWINUI or

- I can save the *.ebub files on my computer, however since no *.annot-files (or any other necessary files) are created, this does not help either

- older ebooks can be

ebook which I purchased earlier, when I still used







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