e-book authentication (e.g. using Shibboleth)

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Dec 29, 2018

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I get e-books via my university library. To use them at home, I have to use Shibboleth authentication (which has largely taken over from Athens for the UK university federation, but I know there are numerous similar schemes around the world). Most of our e-books are only borrowable for 24 hours, but I can't finish reading (and taking notes) on a complete book in a single day. To renew them, I have to go back to my university library website, log-in again, open the book online (I can't "borrow" them until I've done this), and download the acsm file again. When Adobe Digital Editions Opens it tells me that the book (i.e. the one I borrowed yesterday) cannot be found and offers to delete it from my library. It then downloads the same title and treats it as a new book, and doesn't remember where I was up to.

Is there anyway to "renew" a loan from within ADE? (I'm running the most recent Windows version)? Or, if not, does anyone know whether there is any way to reqest a feature from Adobe?

Many thanks, Jim







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