eBook Currupted

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Dec 19, 2017

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I purchase a few eBooks from ASNT and was able to use on 4.5.2 version. But, a few weeks ago when I opened an eBook it prompted me to upgrade to the 4.5.7 version, so I did. After that any eBooks I was not able to view my eBooks as they were corrupted as in all the images where completely gone or super blurry to the extent of unrecognizable.

I contacted Adobe support and they blamed it on ASNT, so I desided to contact ASNT and they cannot figure out why it does not work. They mentioned to go back to the 4.5.2 version, but how can I do that?

I tried googling it and every link redirects me to Adobe 4.5.7 which does not work?

Note, weve tried installing this on three computers now and have determined that the issue is the new 4.5.7 verision.

Can anybody help since Adobe cant or is very hard to get a hold of someone.....







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