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Nov 03, 2019

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[Filter: hate] BBvBeek's post body matched "retarded", board "digital-editions".

Post Subject: Re: Digital Editions "sucks the sweat off a deadman's back"

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I used ADE to download a digital book from OpenLibrary.org (copied from source, not epub), which I could borrow for two weeks using ADE, only to discover that:

  • I could not get ADE on my iPad to download and open the book.
  • On my Macbook I could download and open the book, but it has no two page view! I can only view one page at a time!
  • In order to use it with another reader, Adobe instructs me to connect an ereader with a USB cable!
  • I believe this is the most retarded, crap piece of software I have ever come across.

OpenLibrary has their own web-based reader that works instantaneous and has a proper two page view. How hard can it be Adobe?

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