Getting ebook onto Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

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Jul 05, 2019

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hi everyone,

I have a Google ebook which I have paid for and downloaded on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0. When I open the acsm file, it takes me to ADE. But nothing happens? Literally, nothing happens. The book does not show up, the screen doesn't change - it just has my empty library (except for the instructions) staring at me. The device is authorised, and I can do the exact same thing and get it on my phone and laptop. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, deactivated and reactivated, opened and closed the app, and nothing changes! I also tried downloading both the epub and pdf file.

Can anyone help? Is it maybe possible to get my tablet listed as a device on my computer version of ADE, where I can drag and drop the book?

Unfortunately I can't read it through Google Play Books either, as the app keeps crashing.

any help would be appreciated







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