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Mar 20, 2019 Mar 20, 2019

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Hello there dear customer service!

I don't know why they would have customer service for this horrible product (ADE), I think it would be easier to just listen to the community and fix it rather than have customers vent their frustration at innocent CS.

I have to use ADE for the ebooks required by my university. Now the issue - the highlights don't show after the application is closed. The ancillary annotation file is present, but it doesn't show the highlights. Every single highlight i've made just disappears the next time I open the ebook. This happens every time with certainty of 150%. A book i went through and highlighted throughout has ZERO highlights in it.

I read scrupulous law textbooks with ADE and it is incredibly frustrating to go though a case and then loose all the progress, every time!

I'd like to know if the highlight feature is actually supposed to highlight and save your highlight for future use (this isn't clear at this point) or was it intentionally designed to be pointless?

If it was designed to be saved and to stay there, why does it do the opposite with incredible consistency?

Please escalate the feedback of the community to the upper management. If there's zero intention to make ADE a usable product, just shut it down and let other companies fill the need for this type of product. ADE is garbage as it is right now. Me and other students at the university are required to use it with ebooks.

Thank you for your attention, I still need the solution to highlights not showing up thing though.









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