How to undo "Authorize my computer without an ID" in this dumpster fire of a program

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Dec 03, 2017

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I downloaded Adobe Digital Editions for Windows to access electronic library books on my Windows 10 desktop, thinking that since it's an Adobe product, it will be smooth and intuitive and work as advertised. I followed the library's How-To and selected "I want to Authorize my computer without an ID"...


It worked, and I proceeded to open my ebook on my desktop. But then I discovered that Adobe Digital Editions is possibly the worst, most user-unfriendly software Adobe has ever produced. ADE can't use arrow keys to scroll, is incapable of two-page side-by-side displays, lags BADLY when scrolling or turning pages (even on a high-powered gaming desktop), and lacks continuous zoom controls that might actually make text and diagrams readable. This software is GARBAGE, the lack of tech support is worse, and Adobe should be ashamed of producing something so miserable.

However, apparently I HAVE to go through ADE's DRM services before I can use any other e-reader. Which leads me to my problem...

Whenever I try to view an ebook using another reader (Bluefire Reader), I get a prompt asking me to add my Adobe Account to be able to view it.


I punch in my adobe ID (which I created a few days after downloading ADE and checking the ""I want to Authorize my computer without an ID" box)....



... and I get an authentication failure stating that "You are already authenticated with that ID on this device." And I still can't view the e-book.

How do I go back to that "Computer Authorization" dialogue right when ADE starts up for the first time so I can add my Adobe account, get my Adobe account permissions synced properly, and be rid of this horror-show of a software? I've uninstalled ADE, shut down, restarted, re-installed ADE, deleted the ebook, re-downloaded the ebook, and still can't get back to that dialogue...

I just want to be able to read a library e-book on my phone and my computer using any other program than this pathetic excuse for a programmer's paycheck. This should not be rocket surgery. Please help.







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