I am enable to sign in to my ADOBE ID account

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Mar 06, 2020

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Hi. I am the Adobe Customer Care Virtual Assistant. Tell me what you need help with. I'll do my best to understand and find the right person to assist you.
My problem is still not resolved by you. I have downloaded Aldiko software in my mobile to read eBooks. I have enter my ADOBE ID Password under DRM Account but what ever password even after changing the pass word in Adobe,it is not accepting the password.This problem is unsolved more than 10 days. Please do some thing to over come to the above problem.
Adobe Customer Care Virtual Assistant


I want to make sure I understand clearly. Which of these categories best describes your issue?
Get sign-in or password help
Understand charges or invoice
Fix a download or install error
Understand $1 charge
Something else
Get sign-in or password help
Adobe Customer Care Virtual Assistant


Ok. Connecting you to an agent who can help.
Connecting you with a specialist as soon as possible.
You are now connected to Prashant, who is reviewing your account. If you need to share sensitive information, such as credit card number, please wait for your agent to give you steps to share it securely.


Hello. I’ll be happy to assist you with the account, could you please help me with the email so that I can pull up the account.
please let me know which password will be accepted by ADOBE ID. so that i will put the same during my Sign in in ADOBE ID


May I know which application are you trying to use?
for eBooks reading. I have mentioned the details above.


Let me send you the verification link and password reset email under 
mvekambaram@gmail.com, so please log in with the new password.
I will do it but i do not think it will work out.I tried so many times but in vain. For your satisfaction I will try once again.


Okay, please try to log in.
It is showing as ERROR as Failed to authorize device,
10:21 AM


I have oped the link. what should i do now


If you want we can make new Adobe id so that you can log in.
yes thats what i want please do it and inform me.


Please give me one email which is not registered with Adobe.
i have only two ids: mvekambaram@gmail.com and mvekambaram@yahoo.com. Both i tried ADOBE is giving answer it is registered but not accepting password.


Please try to clear cache and the cookies of the browser and then log in.
Sir. How to do that?


Press the keys [Ctrl], [Shift] and [del] on your Keyboard. ...

Select the period "since installation", to empty the whole browser cache .

Check the Option "Images and Files in Cache ".

Confirm your settings, by clicking the button "delete  browser data".

Refresh the page.
Press the keys [Ctrl], [Shift] and [del] on your Keyboard. ... This has to be done where on the web page of ADOBE or on General Desk top screen


Please go to the link mentioned below and please enter your any query.
This is not fare you are leaving me half the way please help me or you can delete my enter details so that I can register once again with ADOBE after your confirmation
Sent 10:47 AM







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