I downloaded a ".acsm" file to my phone app... But now it won't work on Mac

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Aug 04, 2018

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Hello Adobe!

Today I bougth ALL of my books for my education start the first of September.

However, one of them was a E-Book.

Since I ordered my books from the coach on my phone. It seemed reasonable to see what I had bought, so I opened it in

the Digital Editions app for iPhone. Logged in and everything, got to see the whole thing. All 900 pages.

Soo... Later today day I wished to show my parents the book, of which I had bought.

But when I tried to open the book with the MacOs version of Digital Editions, it came with a pop-up window

saying: " Error getting License. License Server Communications Problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER"...

However, this "other user" is my phone.

Soo.. I deleted the app for my phone. And tried downloading the book for my Mac again, but it did not work.

Thinking that the book would be lost forever - I downloaded the app back on my iPhone, and without any issues got the book back on my phone..

So my question is.. How do I get my E-Book to work on my MacBook Pro?







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