Is Adobe doing anything right at all?

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Jun 14, 2018

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I downloaded the Adobe digital editions ebook reader and I am just lost for words on how terrible it is. I am taking a certification course for Pro Tools and for some reason Avid had the idea to support this application.

#1. Absolutely no navigation through my ebook works in it's entirety. If I use the directional pads on my laptop it works fine going forward though single pages but when I use the left arrow key it to go back to the previous page it jumps to a random page at least 20 pages back and eventually the directional pads stop working and I get the error sound. This problem also occurs when using the track pad or the scroll wheel on a mouse.

#2 So then I try to use the navigation panel to go to specific points in a chapter and the results are; it will either jump to the only first page in the chapter or the to the page just before the lesson with in the chapter that I select.

#3 When annotating the text it occasionally places the text box no where near the selected word I chose.

It's almost an unusable program. I have to quit the application every few pages or so in order to progress through my certification course. Not to mention I tried to go into my account just to make this post and I got a notification saying I needed to verify my email address. Which I had already done the day I made my account. This shows me that not only is Adobe not capable of making a reliable application but that they can't even get their own online accounts straight for their patrons. I have attached a screen shot of the confirmation email that clearly states I verified my email.

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 7.33.13 PM.png







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