Is there an Adobe version of a "family library?"

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Jan 10, 2019

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The situation is basically this: My fiance and I use a shared "family library" with Google Play Books, so that each of us can read an ebook no matter who purchased it (you use Google's app to read them). We have two separate accounts, but the books (and other media) we buy can be viewed by either account.

I have Kobo e-reader. If I want to read a book on it, I just download that book from Google Play and authorize it for the reader using Adobe Digital Editions. Simple enough.

Now my fiance likes my reader so much wants to get one of his own, and we have questions.

-Will we be able to "share" our library of ADE formatted books? Could we link accounts somehow or should I just use my ADE account for his reader too? Is this even allowed?

-Can each book be authorized for two e-readers at a time? If not can we just change a book so it's authorized for the other person?

As far as I can tell, Adobe has nothing to say on this issue. Any advice is welcome.







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