It is illegal to buy Windows here so I need a Linux version!

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Feb 21, 2018

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I live in a jurisdiction where I can not legally get a new computer with Windows legally installed on it. The only windows machines I have access to possibly acquire are recycled government machines that have XP on them in a language I do not understand. Even if I attempt to legally purchase windows from Microsoft's website, MS knows what country I'm in and refuses to sell me windows in English. I can not fly to the United States just to buy a computer with Windows in English just to install Adobe Digital Editions and get access to the ebooks I legally purchased.  I have to use Linux or no computer at all. I have attempted to use ADE under wine but it seems Adobe has done everything they can to intentionally break the program and prevent it from working.  Requiring ADE is the equivalent burning books and denying people the ability to read the items they have paid their hard earned money for.

Look, either fix the windows version so that it will work with Wine or make a Linux version.  I don't want to be a criminal but if I can't get legal access to what I have already paid for, I feel morally justified to just use a torrent to get the file.







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