Link Abobe Digital Additions to existing Ebook Library on Laptop

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Jul 11, 2019 Jul 11, 2019

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Good Day, after LOTS of trial and error I have come to the following EBOOK setup.  I use Calibre to organize my personally scanned and purchased books into PDF and EPUB formats only.  All book folders are in a main master library folder I have named "Calibre" it is linked to the same named duplicate folder on my cloud Onedrive account.  So everything organized on the Laptop, is also auto backup to cloud.  So far so good.  I also have an app for Calibre on my Tablet. that lets me know what already on the tablet and what is NEW in the Onedrive library folder, so I can copy them to Tablet if I want..  I have found a few tablet readers that seem ok.  But for my Laptop, It looks like the "Adobe Digital Additions" will make a GREAT reader?  After LOTS of trying  many ebook formats and "this and that options", I have clearly decided to stay clear of all Kindle formats and readers.  But FINALLY here is the REAL question?  So Far I have about 200+ personally scanned and cropped PDF books and articles, and now also duplicating them as EPUB's...... How do I link the main folder ("Calibre") to the Adobe Digital Additions Reader so it .....

(1) Uploads "everything" all at once? and/or....

(2) If I add a new book to "My Library", will it automatically be recognized when I open up Adobe Digital Additions?

(3) What problems can I expect if I try to reorganize book locations inside Adobe Digital editions, (Or do I just Mod the Tags in Calibre and create Library's in Adobe Digital Editions and filter that way?

Thanks for any help you can provide.









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